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Posted on March 23, 2012 from Twitterrific

Here\'s a little peek into my awesome day shooting for @tissot!

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Here's a little peek into my awesome day shooting for @tissot!

  1. ____moronpatch_normal

    moron_tx i like your "leg bomb" better than angelina's at the oscars !! luvya !!

    posted 23.03.2012 04:35

  2. Cookiemonstercc_normal

    cristeven Wowsers! :)

    posted 23.03.2012 04:47

  3. N1319500618_5616_normal

    tazdev_87301 I love the entire look, especially the hair!

    posted 23.03.2012 05:20

  4. Screen-capture-1_normal

    DIDJA Great hair!

    posted 23.03.2012 06:32

  5. Default_profile_3_normal

    pauljnelson1271 wow. u like great. the shoes rock also!!

    posted 23.03.2012 08:10

  6. Picture_006_normal

    sam_4bc wow damn Danica , best look i seen , others were always good

    posted 23.03.2012 15:58

  7. 2303-racing-nut_normal

    RaySnut1 Beautiful! And you can drive a race car. The perfect woman!

    posted 23.03.2012 23:18

  8. 179418_1696950136686_1025847772_31778858_5680403_n_normal

    pablottmcgee yes its unfortunate that you cant race with hair like that...

    posted 24.03.2012 21:21

  9. Thomas_normal

    lakotahope Danica, you can certainly grab my attention! This type of photo, I haven't seen of you before, but you certainly clean up nicely!

    posted 12.04.2012 12:35

  10. 425655_290652260988612_100001315205856_761210_913542414_n_normal

    MrShultz51986 very nice pic!!!

    posted 19.04.2012 00:53